Vero Cloud

The ability to run AB tests in a workflow is a long standing request that we’ve had a basic version of in private beta. Thank you to everyone who voted for this feature and for all the beta users who gave us feedback. We’ve now made the feature available to everyone. To add an AB Test to your workflows, simply hit the + button to add a node to your workflow canvas and choose AB Test.
An AB test can have up to 5 variations, each variation creates a new branch that can contain multiple messages, delays or logic nodes. You can decide the percentage of customers that should receive each variation, set a notification and pick a winner when you finish the test.
We think this feature is a simple way to run a quick test to gauge how parts of a workflow are performing, however we know it’s just the start of what could be possible with an AB testing feature in Workflows. If you have any feedback or thoughts on our first iteration of this feature, please visit