Vero Cloud
Here's some bugs and improvements we shipped this sprint.
  • Added last edited date on workflows
    - When a workflow is live, its now possible to see when the last edits to the workflow occurred.
  • Segment Conditions UI
    - We made some small UI improvements to the conditions dropdowns when creating a segment or adding a filter. For instance we have changed the order of some conditions to make the most used options more easily accessible and updated the wording to reflect multi-channel campaigns and also removed beta status from the “has triggered event with property” condition.
  • Add conversion_type to webhooks
    - We’ve added the conversion_type field to our outgoing conversion webhook. The possible values are click indirect or open.
  • Security fixes and improvements
    - We’ve made a number of security updates and improvements.
  • Quotes in alt tags on images
    - Fixed a bug caused by using " quotes in the Alt field on the drag and drop editor for an image block.
  • Incorrect send time due to timezones
    - Fixed an issue that caused a campaign to appear to send at an incorrect time (by 1 hour). This happened when some timezones switched to/from daylight savings and has been resolved.
  • Incorrect finished time on an AB Test in a Workflow
    - An display issue that caused the ‘finished’ time to show incorrectly has been fixed.
  • Incorrect default language
    - We fixed a rare issue that would cause a campaign to use an incorrect language variation for a small number of recipients who don’t have a language property set. This occurred due to how our sending infrastructure cached the default language variation. This has now been fully resolved for all affected customers.
  • Template thumbnails
    - We fixed an issue that prevented template thumbnails from loading or from showing the latest version correctly.
Vero Connect
  • Must include email column name exactly
    - When creating an audience from an SQL query, you now must include a column named
    for the audience to be imported into the newsletter. Previously column names such as
    were also accepted, but this would cause errors at send time.
  • Security fixes and improvements
    - We’ve made a number of proactive security updates and improvements to keep your data protected.
  • Template thumbnails
    - We fixed an issue that prevented template thumbnails from loading or from showing the latest version correctly.
  • Quotes in alt tags on images
    - Fixed a bug caused by using
    quotes in the Alt field on the drag and drop editor for an image block.
Vero Connect
We've added two new data sources to Vero Connect:
Microsoft SQL Server
. This means you can now connect directly to your MySQL or MSSQL database, import your campaign audience using an SQL query and send personalised messages using previously hard to access customer data.
Both data source integrations are now in public beta, and are available to use on all accounts.
Read our help docs to find out more:
We'd love to hear your feedback as you setup and use these new data sources via If you hit any issues or need some help, please let us know and we'll get right onto it!
Vero Cloud
We’ve added a new support widget to Cloud with useful links to our help resources and a new contact support form to make it easier for you to get in touch with our amazing support team and receive assistance with any issues or questions you have.
Vero Connect
We made a few small bug fixes to Vero Connect in the latest sprint, here they are:
  • Reports page for campaigns not working due to invalid date.
    We fixed a bug that prevented the Full report page from rendering any data due to an issue with invalid date formatting. 
  • Using old plain text from a variation.
    We fixed an issue that caused the wrong plain text version to be used after a campaign had been cloned. This was an issue for a small number of campaigns only and is now resolved.
  • Previews with attachments failed to send.
    We fixed an issue that caused any previews of a campaign that included an attachment fail to send.
Vero Cloud
Here's a few bugs we fixed and small improvements we made to Vero Cloud in the first sprint of the year.
  • Read only settings.
    We’ve updated the ‘View only’ user role to restrict the ability to change the state of project, this means only admins can now put a project into Live, Test or Offline, mode. 
  • Webhooks and Conversion performance improvements.
    Our platform architecture is undergoing a revamp with the aim to deliver a more rigid and performant messaging service to our customers. Our first steps has been to overhaul our Webhook delivery and Conversion data services which have been live for over a month and are already achieving increased performance and robustness. A great first step with even more to come in this space.
  • Add ‘email_sent_to’ field to webhooks.
    Webhooks sent to are now consistent with our standard webhooks and now also include the ‘email_sent_to’ field. 
  • Example CSV formatting.
    We improved the formatting in our example CSV’s to better show how our csv importer works.
  • Removed ‘powered-by-vero’ urls in link tracking reports.
    We fixed a bug that resulted in “powered-by-vero” links showing up in click reports. These URLs are automatically included when participating in the Vero referral program, and are now filtered out of click reports for your campaigns. 
  • Push permalinks return json payloads.
    Permalinks on for Push campaigns now return the JSON payload as they should rather than a 404 error.
  • Permalinks for merged customer profiles.
    We fixed a bug that prevented viewing the message content of previously sent messages for users who have been merged or re-identified.
  • Older reports not accessible. 
    We fixed an issue causing older campaign reports to become inaccessible.
Vero Cloud
A brand new update to the main navigation in Vero Cloud is coming in the next few days. The new design brings back text labels to make it easier to find the feature you’re looking for and groups each feature into two logical new categories. The
section has everything relating to sending and reporting on your campaigns, while the
Cloud CDP
section has everything related to the customer data and events stored and tracked into the platform. All the same features from the previous navigation are present in the new sidebar, under these two categories.
Introducing this new design and categorization to Vero Cloud is taking us one step closer to our future vision for Vero that delineates and clarifies the three fundamental parts of an effective marketing platform, Campaigns, Data and Delivery.
We'll be rolling out the new Navigation to all account in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled. 👀
[Update] - It's Live!
Vero Cloud
In our pursuit to make workflows easier to create and manage, we’ve added the ability to clone individual email, push, filter or delay nodes in a Workflow. This will come in handy when creating campaigns and adding multiple nodes with similar content or logic.
The clone option is available after selecting a node and shown in the bottom right corner of the detail view. Once selected, the cloned node will appear directly below the original.
Clone Node
Vero Cloud
For Vero Cloud customers we're introducing a referral program that could see you save 5% off your monthly bill by simply including a ‘Powered by Vero’ badge in the footer of your emails.
In exchange for including a small “Powered by Vero” logo in the footer of your emails you will get an immediate, ongoing 5% discount off your Vero subscription.
By default, we will be rolling our referral program out to all existing customers,
effective on the 1st October
If you’d rather not participate, that’s totally fine, read details on how to opt-out now.
Vero Cloud
It's been a busy few weeks here at Vero, we've mostly been focusing on improving the Cloud product experience. Here's a bunch of bugs and improvements we've made during the sprint cycle.
  • Updated ‘add node’ menu in Workflows
    - With the refreshed menu for adding nodes to a workflow its easier to see all the available options.
  • Quick link to ‘edit email addresses’
    - We’ve added a link which directs to the ‘edit email addresses’ settings page to the ‘from’ control in campaigns. So now there’s less clicks required to add a new email address to a campaign.
  • Create placeholder events from trigger dropdowns
    - We’ve made it easier to create placeholder events from inside a campaign or workflow. There is now a ‘create new event’ option in the trigger event dropdowns.
  • Unsaved changes label in workflows
    - We’ve added a label on the workflow canvas showing if the workflow has unsaved changed or is up to date, making it easier to see if you should save the workflow to persist your changes.
  • Node limits and warnings
    - Due to the amount of locally stored data and CPU needed to display complex workflows with a large number of nodes, we have added some warnings and limits to the Workflows UI to advise best practices based on the number of nodes. There’s also a new maximum limit of 150 nodes.
  • Added strikethrough option in the drag and drop editor
    - A strikethrough text decoration option has been added to the inline text editor of the drag and drop builder. Simply select some text and select the strikethrough icon from the text formatting options above.
  • Added limits on image and gif uploads
    - Smaller images means better performing emails, so we have added a limit of 1Mb per image and 5Mb per GIF. If you absolutely need to add images larger than 1Mb, it is still possible to add a URL to your own self-hosted images.
  • Improved user session management
    - We’ve updated our authentication methods for logging in and out of Vero which will strengthen the security of your account. This improvement will also better support users if they happen to be logged in across multiple devices, as well as automatic logging out of sessions if they’ve been inactive for a period of time.
  • Incorrect modal styles
    - Fixed an issue that caused the recurring newsletter schedule and preview options to display incorrectly.
  • Fixed unit selector on inputs in drag and drop
    - Made a minor fix to the number based controls used in the drag and drop editor that were not correctly showing the selectable units for a given control in some browsers.
  • Events missing or not searchable in conditions drop-down
    - We’ve fixed an issue that in some cases prevented events from appearing in searches inside a conditions dropdown when creating a segment or adding logic to a workflow.
  • Campaign titles for cloned Workflows displaying incorrectly in Reports
    - We have fixed an issue that displayed the incorrect campaign name in drop-down lists on our Reports page when the campaign belonged to a workflow that had been cloned and renamed.
  • Segment refresh error with range comparison conditions
    - Segments containing conditions that compared date ranges in user properties (e.g. “greater than or equal to YYYY-MM-DD”) were sometimes failing to refresh. We’ve identified the cause of the regression and have fixed the issue.
  • Fixed unit selector on inputs in drag and drop
    - Made a minor fix to the number based controls used in the drag and drop editor that were not correctly showing the selectable units for a given control in some browsers.
  • Social icons background color in drag and drop
    - Fixed a bug affecting the LinkedIn and Instagram social icons in the drag and drop editor wherein the background color would not accurately update when changed.
  • SendGrid IP Pools not saved
    - Fixed an issue where changes to the IP Pools setting on a SendGrid email channel were not saved.
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