March 21st 2023

Vero Cloud



Cloud - Bugs and Improvements

Here's a few bugs we fixed and small improvements we made to Vero Cloud in the first sprint of the year.


  • Read only settings. We’ve updated the ‘View only’ user role to restrict the ability to change the state of project, this means only admins can now put a project into Live, Test or Offline, mode. 

  • **Webhooks and Conversion performance improvements. **Our platform architecture is undergoing a revamp with the aim to deliver a more rigid and performant messaging service to our customers. Our first steps has been to overhaul our Webhook delivery and Conversion data services which have been live for over a month and are already achieving increased performance and robustness. A great first step with even more to come in this space.

  • Add ‘emailsentto’ field to webhooks. Webhooks sent to are now consistent with our standard webhooks and now also include the ‘emailsentto’ field. 

  • Example CSV formatting. We improved the formatting in our example CSV’s to better show how our csv importer works.


  • Removed ‘powered-by-vero’ urls in link tracking reports. We fixed a bug that resulted in “powered-by-vero” links showing up in click reports. These URLs are automatically included when participating in the Vero referral program, and are now filtered out of click reports for your campaigns. 

  • Push permalinks return json payloads. Permalinks on for Push campaigns now return the JSON payload as they should rather than a 404 error.

  • Permalinks for merged customer profiles. We fixed a bug that prevented viewing the message content of previously sent messages for users who have been merged or re-identified.

  • Older reports not accessible. We fixed an issue causing older campaign reports to become inaccessible.