Vero Cloud

Cloud Fixes

Here's some bugs we've squashed in Vero Cloud since our last update:
  • Downcased ID not matching newly created profiles.
    We’ve fixed an issue that occurred when a project has the downcase-id’s and ‘email-as-master setting on where newly created profiles would not be matched.
  • Deleted user error.
    Fixed an issue that made it appear that a customer had not been deleted when manually selecting the Delete option on the profile. 
  • Pick a winner send time inconsistency.
    Fixed an issue that made it appear that the winning variation on an AB test campaign would be sent at the incorrect time if the Pick a winner functionality was selected. The time shown in the UI showed the incorrect timezone but the actual send time was correct.
  • Live AB Tests not showing results.
    We fixed an issue that prevented the results from an AB test from showing until the test had completed.
  • Tagging recently created customers.
    Fixed an issue that would occur when two api requests were sent in rapid succession, the first to create the user and the second to tag them, the tag request could sometimes get processed before the user is created, causing the tag request to fail.
  • Automatic log out.
    We’ve have fixed an issue was causing some users to be automatically logged out on more frequent schedule when authenticated using Google.
  • No default in timezone sends.
    An issue has been fixed that in some cases would prevent users who had no timezone property from receiving a message when the deliver in the customers timezone option was selected. This issue occurred if the if the project timezone was currently observing daylight savings and in countries that recently updated their usage of daylight savings.
  • Negative import counts.
    We have fixed an issue that would in some cases show a negative count on the failed records column on the import page. 
  • Webhook signing key.
    It's now possible to add a separate webhook signing key in the UI for Mailgun providers if it doesn't match your main API key. This ensures delivery stats from your Mailgun provider are collected and shown in the Vero UI.
  • Large numbers in customer properties rounding up.
    We have fixed an issue that caused very large numbers in customer properties to appear to be rounded up. This was due to a limitation in javascript and only affected presentation of the number and did not affect the underlying data.