September 9th 2022

Vero Connect



Connect - bugs and improvements

Here's a few of the bugs and improvements we've made to the Connect product in the latest sprint cycle.


  • Updated look to the homepage - We’ve updated the layout of the home page to fit everything in a more compact view.

  • Improved reliability of importing medium-large Snowflake audiences - Following on from the recent release of our Snowflake data source integration, we received some user reports that querying and loading audiences that were 2-10 million records or larger in size were failing intermittently. We’ve made some improvements to our Snowflake database connector to improve performance and reduce memory consumption so that audiences of these sizes should now be handled much more reliably.

  • Added strikethrough option on drag and drop editor - A strikethrough text decoration option has been added to the inline text editor of the drag and drop builder. Simply select some text and select the strikethrough icon from the text formatting options above.

  • Added limits on image and gif uploads - Smaller images means better performing emails, so we have added a limit of 1Mb per image and 5Mb per GIF. If you absolutely need to add images larger than 1Mb, it is still possible to add a URL to your own self-hosted images.

  • Improved user session management - We’ve updated our authentication methods for logging in and out of Vero which will strengthen the security of your account. This improvement will also better support users if they happen to be logged in across multiple devices, as well as automatic logging out of sessions if they’ve been inactive for a period of time.


  • Fixed unit selector on inputs in drag and drop editor - Made a minor fix to the number based controls used in the drag and drop editor that were not correctly showing the selectable units for a given control in some browsers.

  • Social icons background color in drag and drop editor - Fixed a bug affecting the LinkedIn and Instagram social icons in the drag and drop editor wherein the background color would not accurately update when changed.

  • SendGrid IP Pools not saved - Fixed an issue where changes to the IP Pools setting on a SendGrid email channel were not saved.