November 27th 2023



Connect fixes and improvements

Here's a few fixes and improvements we've made to Connect since our last update.


  • Newsletters are now known as Campaigns. After the recent introduction of automations into Vero Connect we have renamed the Newsletters section (where you create, edit and send messages) to Campaigns. This change reflects the increasing amount of messaging use cases that Connect supports and sets it up well for the additional triggers, channel types and content that will be added in the near future.

  • TikTok and X social icons. To help keep up with the latest in social media platforms we have added TikTok and X (formerly Twitter) icons to the social content block in the drag and drop editor. 

  • Batches time description. Alongside some other small UI improvements we added a label that describes how long it will take to send a campaign that is sending in batches, to make it easier to tell how sending in batches will impact how long your campaign will take to fully send.

  • Snippets improvements. We’ve made significant improvements to how Drag and Drop Snippets are processed, these updates have increased the reliability of the snippets feature in areas such as generating preview thumbnail images, propagating changes from locked snippets to the templates they are used in, and displaying fonts correctly. 


  • Only allowing lowercase “email” column. Fixed an issue that would prevent an audience being imported due to the the “email” column not in being in lowercase. 

  • Crontab formatting issue. Fixed an issue with validation logic on the custom crontab option in the Recurring Trigger option that may not nave properly validated when a unit of the crontab string uses a combination of dashes and commas.

  • Cloning campaigns with expired audiences. Fixed an error that occurred when trying to duplicate a campaign that included an imported audience which had expired (imported more than 30 days ago).