Recent bug fixes
Vero Classic
Here's a few bugs we've squashed recently:
  • Logs for merged profiles displaying incorrectly
    - We've fixed an issue related to merged customer profiles, that would initially show the original customer identifier on a log entry until clicked.
  • Expired trials unable to log in
    - A bug has been fixed that prevented trial customers who were over the 30 day trial period from logging in and upgrading their Vero account.
  • D&D content broken by URL with trailing '=' character
    - We've fixed a bug that prevented Drag and Drop templates from rendering correctly when it contained a link where the last character of the URL was set to
  • Workflow reports
    - We've fixed errors with displaying reports and exporting statistics for workflows which might have occurred after an update is made to email nodes in a live workflow.
  • Click report not assigning clicks to correct URL
    - We've fixed a bug that would sometimes assign click stats to the wrong URL if they contained the same prefix.
  • Delete email identifier from customer profiles via API request
    - It is now possible to remove the email identifier from a customer profile via the API by setting the value to an empty string