Workflows Bug Fixes
Vero Cloud
  • Allow scheduling of monthly Recurring newsletters after the 28th day
    - Added support to allow creation of recurring newsletters that have a monthly schedule after the 28th day (i.e. 29th/30th/31st), where the specified date may not exist every month . In these cases the newsletter will now be scheduled to send on the closest date that month.
  • Ignore invalid conditions when cloning
    - Legacy conditions that are no longer supported are no longer cloned if a campaign is duplicated.
  • Improvements to segment preparation.
     - Added improvements to increase the reliability of segments calculating prior to newsletter schedule times.
  • Unsubscribe finds by "email" when it can't find by ID
    . - Unsubscribe links match users based on their "id" field. Added a fallback to check for users via "email" for email unsubscribes where an "id" does not match.
  • Add "converted_at" timestamp to "Converted" web hook
    . - We added a "converted_at" timestamp field to the Converted web hook event payload.