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Adding segments and email events as an Entry Trigger in Workflows

Allow for workflow triggers to offer more than just an event trigger with adding the ability to send to users who enter a specific segment or based on email activity (multiple entry triggers would be great).Only allowing for a specific type of event trigger causes a lot of work for our data team to make workflows automatic with niche event triggers, and causes us to have to do a lot of manual work to trigger a workflow that we should be able to just set to users of a particular segment and turn it on!I've seen several iterations of this request that's been pushed down on the priority list and it's something so many users would be happy with. This is something my team would extremely benefit from on a daily basis. And this is a basic feature that soooo many other email platforms have offered for YEARS and obviously something many current and past Vero users would love to have!!Thanks!

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4 days ago



Conversion goals/events that trigger workflow exit

https://verocommunity.slack.com/archives/C0LTFQKQC/p1706901689673229 It would be good to have a conversion goal event remove the customer from the workflow.We have an automation that sends a series of emails, and we want to remove a customer from the workflow if/when a conversion event is triggered.Currently, conversion goals are useful only for reporting - they don't allow Vero users to remove the customer from a workflow if a conversion event occurs.Our use-case:For more context, the workflow is designed to run while a customer is on their free trial. If the user upgrades, we bump them into a different workflow relevant to their subscription tier.I could see this being applicable to other similar use-cases:Subscriptions: eg. Customer is added to / remains in workflow while a payment is failing, but exits when payment details are successfully updatedIn-app behaviours: eg. Customer remains in workflow while their account/profile settings have not yet been completed, exits once completeetc.

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3 months ago


Vero WordPress Plugin as Data Source

There are many possiblities of the Vero WordPress Plugin but I will tell 2 use cases if a minimal Vero WordPress Plugin is developed. Case 1: We can have a direct form creation using Vero Plugin in WordPress and that form can be embedded anywhere using the shortcode / html code. The submitted data will work as a data scource.Case 2: We can have the Vero Dashboard inside our WordPress admin area where we can directly create campaings and manage other stuffs.Hope you like my idea because there are so many wordpress developers and still don't know about the possiblities and opportunities that Vero can provide them.Thank YouSaurabh KumarFounder @ Webriyhttps://webriy.com

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3 months ago