New 'Home' dashboard
Vero Newsletters
We’ve added a new “Home” page to Vero Newsletters. This is the first page you’ll see every time you login to the Newsletters app from now on and has some useful shortcuts and widgets that help get you started quicker and show an overview of your activity. The biggest widget adds quick links to some starter templates or your own custom templates giving you a quick way to dive in and start editing the content for your next send.
Read below for more details about some of the the widgets we’ve added, with even more to come in the future.
Contact Support Widget & Form
It’s now easier than ever to get the help and support you need in the Newsletters app. We’ve added a support widget with useful links to our help resources and a new contact support form to make it easier for you to get in touch with our amazing support team and receive assistance with any issues or questions you have.
Usage Widget
The new usage widget shows your monthly usage and lets you know many messages you’ve sent of your free quota, or how many messages you’re paying for each month if you are on the upgraded plan.
Recent Newsletters Widget
Our new ‘Recent newsletters’ widget simply shows you the last few newsletters you’ve edited to give you a quick shortcut to the messages you’re working on right now.
Newsletters Bug Fixes
Vero Newsletters
Campaign previews with expired audience.
- Fixed a bug affecting the ability to preview older campaigns after the audience had expired.
Improve reliability on small audience imports
. - Fixed a bug that meant small CSV imports would not change to the completed state despite having correctly loaded.
Workflow saving improvements
Vero Classic
We've made big updates to the architecture behind our workflows feature. With customers pushing workflows to new heights we continue to work to ensure workflows load and save quickly, even for the most complex user journeys (you may be surprised to learn that the longest workflows have over 200 nodes!)
These changes should solve any saving issues you may have previously experienced and will dramatically improve workflow load times.
Workflows Bug Fixes
Vero Classic
  • Allow scheduling of monthly Recurring newsletters after the 28th day
    - Added support to allow creation of recurring newsletters that have a monthly schedule after the 28th day (i.e. 29th/30th/31st), where the specified date may not exist every month . In these cases the newsletter will now be scheduled to send on the closest date that month.
  • Ignore invalid conditions when cloning
    - Legacy conditions that are no longer supported are no longer cloned if a campaign is duplicated.
  • Improvements to segment preparation.
     - Added improvements to increase the reliability of segments calculating prior to newsletter schedule times.
  • Unsubscribe finds by "email" when it can't find by ID
    . - Unsubscribe links match users based on their "id" field. Added a fallback to check for users via "email" for email unsubscribes where an "id" does not match.
  • Add "converted_at" timestamp to "Converted" web hook
    . - We added a "converted_at" timestamp field to the Converted web hook event payload.
A/B Testing in Workflows
Vero Classic
The ability to run AB tests in a workflow is a long standing request that we’ve had a basic version of in private beta. Thank you to everyone who voted for this feature and for all the beta users who gave us feedback. We’ve now made the feature available to everyone. To add an AB Test to your workflows, simply hit the + button to add a node to your workflow canvas and choose AB Test.
An AB test can have up to 5 variations, each variation creates a new branch that can contain multiple messages, delays or logic nodes. You can decide the percentage of customers that should receive each variation, set a notification and pick a winner when you finish the test.
We think this feature is a simple way to run a quick test to gauge how parts of a workflow are performing, however we know it’s just the start of what could be possible with an AB testing feature in Workflows. If you have any feedback or thoughts on our first iteration of this feature, please visit
Recent Improvements and Bug Fixes
Vero Classic
Vero Newsletters
We've had a busy few months working on our broader product vision and planning out the rest of the year to come (stay tuned). There's always bugs and improvements being made, so check out our recently deployed updates:
General Bugs and Improvements
  • Faster loading of Templates
    - We’ve made some performance improvements that make the Templates page (and anywhere in the app where you select a template) load much faster.
  • Fixed preheader to support multi-line inbox previews
    - The amount of white space added to a preheader has been increased to support multi-line inbox previews.
  • Ignore archived segment conditions when cloning a campaign
    - We’ve made some improvements to the way campaigns are cloned. If your campaign includes references to archived segments in its audience conditions, those conditions will not be included in the cloned campaign.
Newsletters Specific
  • Preview in Browser
    - Vero Newsletters now includes the ability to preview your messages in the browser without sending them to the inbox. If the message uses liquid to personalise the content, you can preview it with real data by searching for and selecting for any user included in your audience data. To find the preview in browser option simply choose ‘Preview via browser’ from the ‘Preview’ menu on any newsletter page or from the newsletters index.
  • Custom Domain records displayed as "Unverified"
    - Fixed an issue where the DNS records in a Custom Domain channel were being incorrectly listed as “Unverified” even though the record was valid and verified.
  • Error when previewing newsletter
    - Fixed an error that could prevent you from previewing a newsletter that included liquid variables.
  • Fixed show/hide desktop/mobile error causing UI to stop working
    - Quickly switching views in the drag and drop editor would cause some errors to occur in the UI, we have fixed this bug so feel free to switch views to your hearts content.
  • Domains appearing unverified
    - We fixed an error which would in some cases make custom domains incorrectly appear as if they were not verified.
  • Fixed error preventing the copy to clipboard buttons from working
    - You can now copy the domain and mx records to your clipboard as was intended.
Workflows Specific
  • Empty snippet search results
    - Fixed a bug that was causing snippet search results to appear empty when results did exist.
  • Missing queued status in message logs
    - We are now showing the queued status correctly in the logs for each campaign.
  • Better handling of archived and deleted segments
    - We’ve improved how the Workflows product handles archived and deleted segments. If a campaign references an archived or deleted segment, it will be displayed as having a corrupt condition in the UI to show it is no longer operating. We’ve also added a dialog that makes it apparent that a campaign references the segment that is being archived/deleted.
  • Event property personalization in Push previews
    - You can now preview push messages that use event data to personalize the content using liquid.
Google Sheets Audience Integration
Vero Newsletters
GSheets Clip - fcp
We've launched our latest way to access your data, via Google Sheets. Our newest Newsletters integration gives you immediate access to the data you already have stored in Google Sheets and lets you use that data to define who your newsletter will be sent to.
We have built this integration to give you more options for how to define a newsletter audience, so if you already have a spreadsheet with a list of customers or users you wish to contact, there's no need spend time transforming or copying that data into a different format, simply connect to your Google Drive and select the sheet you want to use.
Once you've selected a spreadsheet to use in your newsletter all the data in your selected spreadsheet is also available to use in the content of the email using liquid syntax, exactly the same way as you would with any other audience data.
Thanks to everyone who voted for this feature. We're really excited to see how you use it.
Delete Customers in a Segment
Vero Classic
By popular demand it is now possible to delete all the customers in a given segment in your Vero Workflows account. Simply define a segment and select "Delete customers in segment". This will remove the data related to any customer profile that is currently listed in the selected segment.
Rich Text Editor in Newsletters
Vero Newsletters
We've added a rich text editor for composing message content in the Newsletters product. The new rich text editor enables you to send messages that look as close as possible to a personal email with an interface similar to what you would use in Gmail, or any other email client.
All the normal text editing options are available as you'd expect, like bold, italic, fonts, font-size, links, images etc and a few more extra options such as an Emoji picker and Text Highlighting.
Recent Bugs and Improvements
Vero Classic
Vero Newsletters
Improvements and fixes released throughout October and November:
  • Prevent duplicate SQL autocompletions
    - We fixed a minor bug that was causing each column name to appear twice in the autocomplete menu when using the SQL editor.
  • Save as Template and Liquid error modals not displaying correctly
    - Fixed a bug that broke the styles on popups within the drag and drop email editor.
  • Fix for link color in Gmail
    - Links made using the drag and drop editor were not adding text color to links in a way that was properly supported in Gmail. We've fixed this.
  • Copy/paste import option (in Workflows)
    - Fixed a bug that prevented the copy/paste importer functioning in Workflows.
  • Align option on images "sticking"
    - In some cases, aligning an image in the drag and drop editor would not produce the desired result. We've tweaked things so it works every time.
  • Pagination and search in the Audience panel
    - You can now paginate and search the "Audience" panel in Newsletters after you've imported an audience via CSV, Google Sheets or SQL.
  • Self-service downgrades
    - To add to the "Delete customers by segment" functionality you can now downgrade your Workflows account if you're below your current plan's usage limits.
  • Google Sign-in
    - Fixed a bug that prevented login using Sign-In With Google if the primary email address was mixed case.
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