Announcing our brand new, standalone Newsletters product!
Vero Newsletters
We're excited to announce the first major step toward our vision for the future, Vero Newsletters!
Newsletters is a brand new, built-from-the-ground-up, standalone version of our Newsletter functionality, with its own pricing and new functionality.
Unlike other messaging products, Vero Newsletters doesn’t store user and event-level data. Instead it connects directly to data sources that already contain your user and event-level data. This enables you to “bring your own data”, design a great message and send it to your customers in three simple steps. Whether you have CRM data in Google Sheets, Airtable, Segment Personas, Looker, Redshift, Snowflake or anywhere else, our new Newsletters product provides a simple, powerful way to message customers.
We’d love you to try this new version of Vero. If you’re a current Vero user you can login using your existing Vero credentials. New users can sign up for a free account.
Recent improvements
Vero Classic
  • 2FA Support for Email/Password accounts
    - We have added the ability to turn on Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) using time-based one-time passwords (TOTP) at login for accounts using email/password. When enabling 2FA on your account, simply scan the setup QR code using the TOTP authentication app of your choice and take note of your backup codes. Once setup, you will need to enter the one time password every time you login to Vero. To turn on 2FA for your account, go to your account security settings page.
  • Prevent historical events triggering out of date workflow messages
    - To improve the way imported historical events are handled in workflows, customers will now exit a workflow if an email or push message is calculated to send more than 24 hours in the past. This prevents customers from receiving out of date messages if the trigger event's created_at date is older than the length of a delay used between the trigger and message nodes.
Drag and Drop Reusable Snippets
Vero Classic
Today, we're excited to announce the release of the first phase of our 'Snippets' feature!
In a Drag & Drop template or campaign, you can now create a saved snippet from any section block and its content by simply hitting the 'new snippet' button while the section is selected.
From here you will give your snippet a name and it will be saved to the project and can be dragged into any drag and drop template or campaign created within the same project. Once saved, snippets can be found in our new sidebar.
For now, snippets are purely a saved section of content that can be reused in any template. Once dragged into the template, the contents of can be edited by anyone.
Coming soon:
Phase 2 of Snippets
will include the ability to lock the contents of a snippet and sync any changes made to it to any instance of it across all your templates and campaigns.
Recent improvements
Vero Classic
Check out two improvements we've just released:
  • Better support for Google fonts
    - We have improved how the Drag & Drop editor includes the selected Google font in a template or campaign by including the official italic and bold font variants. This ensures your fonts look their best in all email clients.
  • Importing customer and event data via CSV
    - During the last few weeks we have released a few changes to our imports section. Some of the most apparent changes are to the UI, such as giving you the option to skip specific columns, adding a new confirmation page and displaying the number of successfully imported and invalid rows. Every csv file updated now has its own page, meaning you can leave and return to it later to continue mapping the columns or to see the state of the running import, without losing your progress. There have also been a number of changes behind the scenes to improve the processing of CSV data and add validations that help prevent importing bad data.
Recent bug fixes
Vero Classic
Here's a couple of bugs we've squashed recently:
  • Account Invoices
    - We've fixed a bug that prevented administrators from accessing account invoices when a sub-project was selected.
  • Newsletter AB/Test content display bug
    - We've fixed an issue that prevented content from being displayed in the UI for Newsletters with Pick-A-Winner A/B tests after they had been scheduled.
Recent improvements
Vero Classic
Here's a couple of improvements we've made to Vero in the past week:
  • Allow users to switch to Google Sign-In
    - For users who initially signed up to Vero with an email and password, we now allow them to sign in with Google using the same email address. Note: Once Google Sign-In has been enabled we will prevent email/password sign-in to ensure your account's security.
  • Reducing size of Drag & Drop emails
    - To lower the chance of large emails from being clipped in email clients such as Gmail, we've implemented minification of the outputted HTML for Drag & Drop emails, this will reduce the size of the outputted email source.
Recent bug fixes
Vero Classic
Here's a few bugs we've fixed recently:
  • Unsubscribed customers not displayed in Segments search results
    - We've fixed an issue where unsubscribed customer profiles were sometimes being excluded from Segment search results.
  • Export HTML from Drag & Drop content editor
    - We've fixed a regression that prevented you from exporting the HTML from the Drag & Drop content editor when using our recently released
    Show/Hide content on Desktop or Mobile
  • Changing a Workflow Entry Trigger
    - We've fixed a bug when updating the Trigger (event) on a live workflow. The issue would cause existing customers who were in the workflow waiting at a delay step to be exited from that workflow.
  • Toggling inline styles
    - Fixed a bug when toggling the inline styles option in the HTML editor which reverted back to its previous state after saving.
Recent bug fixes
Vero Classic
Here's a few bugs we've squashed recently:
  • Logs for merged profiles displaying incorrectly
    - We've fixed an issue related to merged customer profiles, that would initially show the original customer identifier on a log entry until clicked.
  • Expired trials unable to log in
    - A bug has been fixed that prevented trial customers who were over the 30 day trial period from logging in and upgrading their Vero account.
  • D&D content broken by URL with trailing '=' character
    - We've fixed a bug that prevented Drag and Drop templates from rendering correctly when it contained a link where the last character of the URL was set to
  • Workflow reports
    - We've fixed errors with displaying reports and exporting statistics for workflows which might have occurred after an update is made to email nodes in a live workflow.
  • Click report not assigning clicks to correct URL
    - We've fixed a bug that would sometimes assign click stats to the wrong URL if they contained the same prefix.
  • Delete email identifier from customer profiles via API request
    - It is now possible to remove the email identifier from a customer profile via the API by setting the value to an empty string
Border controls on sections and buttons
Vero Classic
Border Controls.png
To give you even more control over the look and feel of your emails, we've added some new border controls to the drag and drop editor. It's now possible to select a border width, border color and border style (such as dashed or dotted) on either a button or a section block, and you also can also choose on which sides the border should appear.
Border radius for specific corners
Vero Classic
Border Radius.png
Similar to how our padding control works, in the drag and drop editor you can now change the radius on each individual corner of a section, image, button and social block. This was a common request and makes it easier to make rounded sections comprised of multiple sections blocks, which is quite a popular design choice in email templates.
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